Welcome to this MDC Alliance press conference which relates to the Audited Financial Statements
for the 7 months ended December 2019.

However, before we get into that, a few remarks.

Zimbabwe is at a crossroads where we are faced with a battle for the soul of the nation. Democracy
is not only under threat, but it has been bludgeoned by Zanu PF. The nation is in a
state of deep crisis. Evidence of this crisis exists all around us. Our teachers are
incapacitated. The economy has stagnated as we endure the second highest hyperinflation
rate in the world. Workers and the informal sector remain more vulnerable than ever. The
interests and property rights of small, medium and big business alike remain under constant threat.
We have one of the highest maternal mortality rates worldwide. Our public health system is
on its knees and faces a real threat of militarization. 8,6 million Zimbabweans face
starvation. Corruption is killing us. As we speak, the Deputy Minister of Health is facing a
probe relating to a tender scam of US$5,6 million. The police continue to brutalize citizens.
There has been no justice for victims of abduction, torture and sexual assault by the State
including the MDC trio and Tawanda Muchehiwa. Takudzwa Ngadziore is behind bars as a
political prisoner for demanding justice and accountability for Tawanda. This is not
right. We demand his immediate release Many pro-democracy activists and citizens who have
spoken out against corruption and demanded a better society like Tsitsi Dangarembwa and
Hopewell Chin’ono areacing political trials on baseless charges. Many MDC leaders
and activists are in the same position.

Ladies and gentlemen, the call to action could not be clearer. As President Nelson Chamisa has said
time and again, we have to come together and form a united front to defeat Zanu PF. Zanu PF has
destroyed Zimbabwe. Zanu PF must go. The MDC Alliance has no hesitation in leading the
charge, which is why we stand hear today, firm, as the nation’s only credible
democratic alternative and ready to win Zimbabwe for change.

We have gathered today to honour a promise that we made to you, a promise that aligns
with our values and our commitment to conduct a public audit on our financial affairs.
Many have noted that no other political party in Zimbabwe has subjected itself to a public
audit. This is true. As the MDC Alliance, we hold ourselves to a higher
standard. As a government in waiting, transparency and openness are at the heart of our
financial affairs.

We insist on the highest levels of integrity and probity in all matters financial and

The Treasurer General has implemented systems designed to combat fraud and abuse of
party funds. We are going to continue to improve and perfect our systems. There is
simply no room for corruption, incompetence and mismanagement in the MDC Alliance. We
commit to excellence in all our processes because we believe that this is what the
people of Zimbabwe from whom we derive our mandate deserve.

We believe that doing this will offer a strong foundation for all our fundraising activities
that are the lifeblood of any democratic struggle. We need you to partner with us
on this important journey. The big fights that we have taken on = the fight for a
people’s govt, the fight for legitimacy and democracy, for livelihoods and
a better life for all Zimbabweans, the fight against Corruption, the fight in defence of the Constitution and
Constitutionalism all require funding an your participation. We have no doubt that the
fight to win Zimbabwe for change, the fight for a better, brighter and more prosperous Zimbabwe
will be won which is why we are championing this struggle.

Without further ado, let me introduce our Treasurer General who will present to you
the position on our Financial Audit – Senator David Coltart.