MDC – Register

Membership Registration



  1. Registration and membership is open to all natural persons over eighteen years of age.
  2. Each User shall only register once.
  3. The User shall register online to become a Member of the Movement for Democratic Change Party.
  4. During the registration process, the User can, in addition, opt to become a Member of the Association allowing them to participate in the General Assemblies.
  5. Members of the Association shall expressly accept the MDC’s Statutes on registration and are bound to comply with them.
  6. By registering with the MDC, the User accepts that most communications with the MDC and its Members.
  7. It is the User’s responsibility to make sure that she/he has sufficient access to Internet to participate to the activities at the desired extent.
  8. The MDC screens registration applications and reserves itself the right to reject a registration without stating the reasons.
  9. Upon registration, Members are required to supply their name, email address, mail address, as well as other required information.
  10. Members vouch that data supplied on registration are true and complete, and that they are kept up-to-date after registration.
  11. It is expressly forbidden to place accounts at the disposal of third parties and to disclose access details to third parties.
  12. For technical reasons, the MDC cannot establish with certainty whether a registered Member really is the person he/she claims to be. the MDC shall therefore provide no guarantee as to Members’ true identities. Members shall therefore be responsible for verifying other Member’s identities and shall contact the MDC in cases of suspicion.
  13. the MDC reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue individual services and/or sections of the Members Area, or all of them, at any time and without prior notice, in whole or in part. The MDC reserves the further right to limit or deny access to individual or all services, without prior notice at any time.