As the MDC-Alliance, we wish to reiterate our commitment to the fight against corruption in light of the allegations being made within the Harare City Council. As a party that values integrity, we hold ourselves accountable to the ideals of good governance and the belief that all corrupt activities must be independently investigated. To date there has
been no substantiated evidence that our officials have not conducted themselves in accordance with Council rules and by-laws.

As far as the operations of the Harare City Council are concerned, the Council has laws and processes that it adheres to. The party does not control how Council conducts its lawful, day-to-day operations. Accordingly, we note the desperate attempt to conflate issues of alleged corruption in the Harare City Council with the activities of the MDCAlliance as a party.

We do not believe in immunity and impunity where a wrong has been committed.

We are also mindful of the temptation by the regime to weaponize the law for the purposes of retaliation in light of their recorded failure to pursue corruption cases over the past few months. We are aware of the
selective application of the law as relates to COVID-19 tenders and other cases involving political elites. We remain opposed to the arbitrary arrests of people in order to investigate. We call on all allegations to be investigated in accordance with the law and in a transparent non-partisan manner.

Fadzayi Mahere
National Spokesperson