On the evening of the 10th of June 2020, the Working Committee of the National
Security Council of Zimbabwe convened in terms of s209 of the Constitution issuing
a statement concerning “rumours of an imminent coup d’état in Zimbabwe.” The
statement accuses the legitimate opposition movement of engaging in an externally
sponsored regime change onslaught since 2000 and of “irregular warfare”,
“terrorism” and “insurgency”. The Council attacks our Vice-Chairperson, Hon Job
Sikala, the church, civil society, and other pro-democracy forces. It further accuses
the opposition of faking abductions as part of this alleged warfare.

The Council’s statement strikes at the heart of democracy in Zimbabwe and is the
latest in a series of co-ordinated and incessant attacks on the MDC Alliance. The
statement comes shortly after Minister Kazembe made defamatory claims against the
person of the President in his statement on the abduction of the MDC trio. It also
follows the unwarranted arrest of Vice-Presidents Biti and Kore, and leaders of the
National Standing Committee for requesting police assistance to enter their party
offices. This is against the backdrop of spurious allegations against Secretary-General
Hwende about the alleged petrol bombing of a car, the arrest of National Youth
Assembly Chairperson, Obey Sithole on unfounded allegations of public violence,
and the continued harassment of several party members in meritless court cases on
charges of subversion.

We have also witnessed the re-arrest of Alliance Youth Assembly members, Joanna
Mamombe, Cecillia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova on allegations that they obstructed
the course of justice by making a false report relating to their abduction, torture and
sexual assault three weeks ago. The perpetrators of their torture are yet to be earnestly
investigated. We re-iterate the call for an independent investigation into the crimes
committed against them.

The world must be on notice that, as the national crisis deepens, the state is at war
with its citizens. The continued erosion of our rights and freedoms signals a clear
intent to return the nation to one-party rule.
However, we remain firm in our resolve to win Zimbabwe for change.

Fadzayi Mahere
National Spokesperson