Honourable Job Sikhala was popularly elected as the party’s new national Vice Chairperson at the most recent MDC Alliance Congress that was held in May 2019.

A courageous well-known human rights lawyer who is passionate about fighting for peace, justice, and democracy in Zimbabwe. Sikhala is highly regarded by most of his compatriots as a fiery, maverick, militant and outspoken politician.

He is perhaps one of the most incarcerated politicians in the entire history of Zimbabwe. To date he has been arrested at least 60 times. He has thus over the years appeared in the courts facing several and various spurious politically motivated charges.

In this regard, his most recent court case happened in July 2019, when he was charged by the Zimbabwe regime with treason based on his radical speech that he gave at a by-election rally hosted by the MDC Alliance in Bikita.

However true to his resilient and tenacious character, Hon. Sikhala did not take the trumped-up treason charge lying down. He came out guns blazing and fought back with so much aplomb that the courts were left with no choice but to totally clear him of the politically motivated charge in February 2020.

It was due to his radical approach to politics that in early 2003, a clearly frightened Zimbabwean regime led by the late President Robert Mugabe, once seriously tortured him in a desperate attempt to cower him totally out of the national agenda. During this torture ordeal, he had wire wrapped around his genitals, toes and tongue and was then subjected to electric shocks for eight hours until he confessed to treason against the Zanu-PF regime.

However, despite being severely tortured and seriously traumatised, Hon. Sikhala proved to be a very resilient and courageous advocate for democracy and bounced back even stronger.

This perhaps explains why he was nicknamed after the legendary Nigerian political martyr, Ken Saro Wiwa who was the leader of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People.

Hon Sikhala hails originally from the Masvingo province. He was born in Gutu, in the former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe on 30th October1972.

He attended his primary education at Masema primary school in Gutu between 1980 and 1986.

He then did his secondary education first at Chiwara Secondary School between 1987 and 1988. He later did his O levels at Mazungunye Secondary School in 1988 and 1990 in Bikita.

From there on, he did his Advanced-levels at Jameson High School in Kadoma in 1994.

Afterwards, he was admitted at the University of Zimbabwe

Hon. Sikhala taught at several schools in 1996 and 1996. But before his admission at the UZ he had a short stint as a History, Geography, Shona and Religious Studies teacher at Makura Secondary School in Gutu in 1995. During 1996 he was admitted at the University of Zimbabwe where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Economic History in 1999. Hon. Sikhala later returned to the UZ and attained a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2017. He is currently in the process of completing his Master of Laws degree with the Midlands State University.

Hon. Sikhala has been actively involved in national politics since his days as an undergraduate student at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) where he held various key positions.

In 1996, he was elected as the Secretary for Information and Publicity for the UZ Students Union.

In 1997 he was elected to a similar position with the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU).

Then in 1998, he was also elected as the Secretary General of the UZ Students Union.

Outside students’ politics, Hon. Sikhala was also actively involved in the broader civil society movement.

In particular, he was one of the youth leaders of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) that was formed in 1997 to campaign for a new more democratic Constitution for Zimbabwe.

Hon. Sikhala was also one of the prominent student leaders who were at the forefront in the formation of the country’s main opposition party, the MDC in 1999.

At the MDC’s inaugural congress in 1999, he was elected as its National Executive Committee (NEC) member in charge of National Intelligence and Security Affairs.

In June 2000, Hon. Sikhala was elected as the Member of Parliament for St Mary’s Constituency.

He served for two terms till 2008, before taking a break from Parliament for the next ten years.

However, due to public demand he was soon to return in Parliament in July 2018 as the elected MP for Zengeza West constituency.

Apart from his role in the party and Parliament, Hon. Sikhala is also widely known and respected as a legal practitioner. He is currently serving as a Senior Partner at Koto and Company. It is in this role that Hon. Sikhala has further distinguished himself after winning several numbers of high profile cases involving both political and civil society activists wrongly and unjustly prosecuted by the Zimbabwean regime.