Ian Makone


B.sc economics |1976 | university of leicester, uk
· Major: economics
· Minor: statistics

M.sc operational research | 1978 | university of birmingham, uk
· Major: operational research
· Minor: business planning
· Related coursework: project on the design of a cold store

Skills & Abilities


· Have operated at the highest levels in both public and private sector organisations, with responsibility for their success.
· During the 2018 election campaign served as advisor on election logistics and formulation of the transition plan


· International commodity trading, interacting with very demanding stakeholders on behalf of the grain marketing board and manica group, to produce sales growth.
· In the above services sector responsible for securing and retaining major customers accounting for significant sales.
· In the political arena, speak out and defend certain positions adopted by the party among civics and foreign diplomats.


· Interacted at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors.
· In the last 19 years, due to the proximity, appreciated the demands of ordinary citizens and challenges across the social spectrum


· Set up and programmed the office of the prime minister during the government of national unity.
· was responsible for the training of polling agents nationally in 2007 and the programme of mass action that resulted in arrest, torture and imprisonment
· Assisted in the implementation of programmes for the 2018 election preparedness, from bvr to vote counting.
· In particular, set up and supervised the chakachaya biometric voter registration programme in bulawayo on behalf of the party.
· On several occasions was prominent in the mobilisation of resources to support victims of arrest, torture and inceceration.
· Introduced green energy, resulting in the construction of 30 domestic biogas digesters in the domboshava area.
· Ran a very effective election campaign for councillor in ward 18, harare north, achieving 86% voter turnout.


General manager | grain marketing board | 1984-1988

· Overall responsibility for intake, storage and marketing of major agricultural commodities.
· The construction of grain silos throughout the country

Managing director | manica freight group | 1988-1999

. Manica is a multiple services freight management and travel organisation in southern africa
. Managing director of manica zimbabwe, freight logistics and travel services, 1988 to 1990.
. Regional director of the same group, incorporating zambia and malawi, 1990 to 1995.
. Chief executive of manica group throughout sadc, 1995 to 1999

Management consultant |1999-2009

· Consulting for a portfolio of private sector companies to maximize results

Secretary to the prime minister and council of ministers | goz | 2009-2013

· Served the late prime minister with overall responsibility for the formulation of government policy by all government departments
· Supervised the implementation of all approved government work programmes
· The period enabled closer understanging of the functions of government

Family business & advisor to mdc | 2014-current

. Reverted to running family business interests and consulting for the opposition political party, mdc.
. Community development in the area of green energy, constructing domestic biogas digesters
. Elected councillor for ward 18, harare north, july 2018.


National transformation commencing with victory at the next elections.
Key success factors
. Full party structures at grassroots
. Technology and effective communications network for all polling stations
. Electoral playing field
. Role of state institutions
. Funding

. Stakeholder collaboration
. Voter registration blitz- chakachaya 2
. Delimitation of ward and constituency boundaries
. Negotiated legislative programme

Key result areas
. Updated voters roll
. Agreed ward and constituency boundaries
. Effective local structures
. Intra-party democracy
. Credible candidate line-up

A tall order, a three year assignment for the whole party working through the election directorate, reaching out to key publics in both urban and rural areas.

Ian muteto makone
Secretary for elections, mdc-alliance.