Terms and Conditions



  1. By applying to become a member of the Movement for Democratic Change- Alliance(MDC-A) you are agreeing to the terms of Article 5 of the MDC-A Constitution which pertains to membership which can be found below.
  2. Please note that an amendment to this article is being reviewed to facilitate the new online membership platforms which give provisional membership upon application. Until the amendment has been passed all those applying online for membership will be given provisional membership pending our confirmation of your payment, security checks (to make sure that you are a bona fide Zimbabwe citizen or permanent resident) and approval by the secretariat. Once that has been done a membership card will be issued in your name and either be made available for collection at your nearest Provincial HQ or dispatched to you. Please also note that because of the expected flood of applications there will be initial delays in sending your membership card to you.
  3. If your Membership application is rejected, you will be contacted via the e mail address you have provided, or via Whatsapp on the number you have provided us with, informed of the reason your membership has been rejected and a full refund will be given. You will be required to let us know your nominated bank account details or Ecocash account number once you have heard from us.
  4. Please note that if you are a Zimbabwean citizen living in the diaspora, and have paid in a foreign currency, reimbursements will only be made in South African Rands at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of your payment. In other words you will be reimbursed with the same amount of Rands we received at the time of your application less any bank charges.
  5. Once your application has been approved you will be deemed to have read, approved and accepted Article 5 of the Constitution set out below. In due course the entire Constitution of the MDC Alliance will be posted to the website. This will be notified on the website and once it has been posted you will be deemed to have read, approved and accepted all the terms of the Constitution



5.1 Individual Membership

(a) An application to become an individual member of the Party shall be submitted to a Branch Executive Committee.


(b) A Branch shall grant membership to an applicant but may, in its discretion and in appropriate circumstances issue an applicant with Provisional Membership.


(c) Membership cards will be issued to registered members of the Movement and to  persons whose application for membership has been accepted subject to the payment of the prescribed subscription.


(d) On being accepted in the MDC ALLIANCE a new member shall make a solemn declaration to the Movement in the form of Annexure A to this Constitution. Further, all members shall be bound by the Party’s Real Change Code of Ethics incorporated in this Constitution.


(e) Any applicant whose request for membership has been rejected shall reserve the right to appeal to the National Council, whose decision shall be final.

5.2 Provisional Membership

  • Any person wishing to re-join the Party after a lapse of time may be granted Provisional Membership only.
  • A Provisional Member may attend Branch meetings but is not eligible to hold any Party position or stand for election on any Party ticket.
  • Provisional Membership rights commence from the time the provisional membership card is issued to an applicant.
  • Provisional Membership shall not exceed a period of 12 months.

5.3    Associate Membership

  • Trade Unions, sections or divisions of Unions that are not themselves Associate Members; professional associations, cooperative societies, churches and other civic organisations which subscribe to the Party’s principles and objectives and accept this Constitution are eligible for Associate Membership of the Party.
  • Application for Associate Membership shall be made to the National Executive Committee through the Secretary General.
  • Associate members shall pay an annual fee and an Associate member who has not paid the prescribed membership fee by the fixed date shall not have standing in the Party.
  • The National Executive Committee may refuse to admit any applicant to Associate Membership and may cancel the Associate Membership of any Organisation which it considers;
    • (i). is not or is no longer eligible for Associate Membership; or
    • (ii). has objectives or activities that are injurious to the Party or inconsistent with its aims and objectives.
  • An organisation whose application for membership has been rejected may appeal to the National Council whose decision shall be final.
  • An Associate Member may appeal to the National Council against a decision to cancel its membership under this Article.

5.4     Obligations of Members

Every member shall have the duty;

  • To accept and conform to the Constitution, policies, principles, rules and regulations of the Party; in particular, no member shall institute court or any other external proceedings against the Party without exhausting all internal remedies provided under this constitution.
  • To conduct oneself in a manner which is not prejudicial to the interests of the Party and in particular, to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Party;
  • To pay regular subscriptions as determined from time to time by the National Council;
  • To promote and defend the aims, values, objectives, policies and principles of the Party;
  • To register as a voter, vote for and support the Party in any election;
  • To belong to and take an active part in the life of his or her Branch;
  • To take all necessary steps to understand the policies and programmes of the MDC ALLIANCE;
  • To observe discipline, not engage in any forms of violence, to behave honestly and carry out loyal decisions of the Party;
  • To deepen one’s understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic challenges of the country;
  • To fight against racism, tribalism, sexism, violence, religious and political intolerance or any other forms of discrimination or chauvinism;
  • To fight for genuine democratic change in Zimbabwe, the rule of law, equal rights and justice;
  • To attend all meetings in line with any position the member may hold. In, particular, any member who misses three consecutive meetings without just cause shall automatically relinquish his/her position of that meeting. In addition, any member who misses more than two of every five consecutive meetings without just cause shall automatically relinquish his/her position of that meeting; and
  • To perform any duties with probity and uphold the character and culture of the Party. In particular, leaders shall be subject to regular performance review and be recalled where appropriate.


5.5 Rights of Members

5.5.1  Every individual member of the Party shall have the right, subject to the  provisions of this Constitution:

  • To vote in any Party election;
  • To stand for and, if elected, hold any office in the Party subject to clause 5.2 below; and
  • To participate in all meetings and programmes of the Party, provided that the member holds a valid membership card and the member’s name appears on the Party membership list.

5.5.2  A member shall have served the following periods before he or she is allowed to hold the following office;

  • Two years – before he or she is eligible to hold a position in the Constituency Coordinating Committee.
  • Five years- before he or she is eligible to hold a position in the Province, National Executive and National Council.
  • Two years – before he or she is eligible to be elected as a Councillor.
  • Five years – before he or she is eligible to hold the position of Mayor, Chairperson on a Local Board or Member of Parliament.

5.6  Failure to uphold the duties in Article 5.4 of this Constitution may result in disciplinary action being taken against the member through the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.

5.7  Subject to this Constitution, an associate member of the Party shall have the right to participate in all meetings and programmes of the Party but shall not have the right to vote.

5.8  An associate member shall not be represented in any meeting by a person who belongs to another political party.

5.9  There shall be a membership list which shall be confidential to the National Council which shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information contained on the membership list is used solely for Party purposes and is not disclosed to any person other than persons authorised by this Constitution or by the National Council.

5.10 Membership Termination and Expulsion

Membership of the Party shall be terminated if:

  • A member of the Party forms another Party or Organization which competes with the MDC ALLIANCE, joins or supports a political party other than MDC ALLIANCE or participates in an election as an independent candidate (termination of membership in these circumstances shall be automatic); or
  • A member sends written notice of resignation to such address as may, from time to time, be specified for communications relating to the membership list; or
  • A member’s subscription is three months out of time or in arrears and a Disciplinary Committee makes an order of termination (provided that membership shall be restored if the arrears are paid for the period to which the subscription is related) or
  • A member institutes Court proceedings against the Party or any of its leaders without exhausting internal remedies.
  • A member is expelled from membership of the Party in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

5.11.  A member may be expelled if:

  • The National Council (by a two-thirds majority of all its members) is of the opinion that his or her continued membership would be seriously detrimental to the interests of the Party. Provided that the member shall be notified in writing of the grounds on which the National Council is considering the termination of his or her membership and is given a fair opportunity to make representations in writing or in person to the National Council whereafter the National Council shall consider the member’s written or oral comments and respond to them before making their decision; or
  • The Disciplinary Committee makes a ruling of expulsion in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

5.12 Any member who is expelled in terms of section 5.11(a) of this Constitution shall have a right of appeal to the Appeals Tribunal. Whilst waiting for the appeal to be heard, the member shall be on suspension.

5.13 All expulsions from the Party shall be endorsed by Congress.