The MDC is funded by ordinary Zimbabweans


The MDC is a mammoth organization with countrywide endorsement that has been funded solely by ordinary Zimbabweans who have always toyed with the idea of change over the years.

In the last election, the 2, 6 million votes received by President Nelson Chamisa came from the entire nation and from across the political parties. But there has been a negative campaign against a broad and united front of Zimbabweans, united solely by a common desire for justice, equality, freedom and democracy.

That emerging common front of diverse Zimbabweans has been actively encouraged by the illegitimate regime’s unbridled incompetence. We will not pander the whims of those against the emerging united front fighting for democracy and transformation in this country. We will not close our doors to any Zimbabwean who wishes to join the train of change; this rolling change juggernaut that has shaken this regime to the core.

The nation is tired of the patently false narrative that the MDC is funded by the so-called G-40. That is a red-herring. We are not shamed to state that the MDC has not received any cent from anyone other than its members who have unstintingly supported the cause. We are a proud people’s movement that has survived for two decades from the support of ordinary Zimbabweans who have braved murder and violence for wanting the best for their country.

A new Zimbabwe is definitely on the horizon.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson